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MySQL error!

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Your query: Media index widget

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                  file_title, file_root_type, file_root_ID, file_path, file_alt, file_desc, file_path_hash
  FROM items__item
 INNER JOIN links ON post_ID = link_itm_ID
 INNER JOIN files ON link_file_ID = file_ID
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 INNER JOIN categories ON postcat_cat_ID = cat_ID
 WHERE ( cat_blog_ID = 1 )
   AND ( ( ( post_status IN ( 'published' ) ) ) )
   AND (( file_type = "image" )
    OR ( file_type IS NULL ))
   AND (post_datestart <= '2022-07-01 18:42')
   AND (link_position != "cover")
   AND (post_ityp_ID = 1)
 ORDER BY post_datestart DESC, post_priority ASC, post_ID DESC,ASC, link_ID DESC
 LIMIT 2000