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LWT :: Submit Information on Verbal Borrowings

With this form, you could have sent me an example of a verbal borrowing (any occurrence of a loanword which can count as a verb in the recipient language). For the time being, I do not want to limit the input to a selected sample of languages, so any pair of languages is welcome.
My study will focus on the grammatical parameters, so please add whatever morphological or syntactic information you might consider relevant in the remarks field below.

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Donor Language*
(English name of the language from which the item has been borrowed; when in doubt, please add the Ethnologue code or indicate the area where the language is spoken)
Recipient Language*
(English name of the language into which the item has been borrowed; when in doubt, please add the Ethnologue code or indicate the area where the language is spoken)
Example: raw / othographic format
(Orthographic or unsegmented version; you may give a context)
Example: transliterated and segmented*
(segmented version; preferably in phonological translation, you can use IPA (type there, copy & paste) or Unicode; please use spaces, not tabstops)
Example: glossing*
(glossing parallel to above version; please use spaces, not tabstops)
Example: translation*
(translation of the example into English)
Remarks (borrowing pattern)
  • Any comments or additional information?
  • If you use glossing abbreviations not in this list, please explain them here.
  • Are there any grammatical peculiarities concerning borrowed verbs in this pair of languages?

Exclusiveness / Productivity*
Is this pattern / method the only way the recipient language accomodates borrowed verbs (from this donor and in general) ? How productive is this pattern?

If there are other patterns, please submit examples separately.
Transitivity of borrowed verb* intransitive transitiven/a
Approx. date of borrowing

Lexical status of loan verb
The borrowed verb is ...
  • ... a completely new concept (insertion)
  • ... a synonym to an already existing verb (synonym)
  • ... replacing an already existing verb (replacement)

Language contact information*
(What is the status of the recipient language?)
Remarks (contact situation)
(Any more detailed or more fitting characterization of the contact situation, if needed)
Donor language lexeme*
(What is the basic (citation) form of the borrowed lexeme in the donor language?)
Donor language lexeme meaning*
(What is the English translation of above form?)
Transitivity of the verb in the donor language*
(if applicable)
intransitive transitive n/a
Other remarks
bibliographical hints, comments, anything else you would like to add?
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Your E-Mail*
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