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Thank you for your interest in publishing your paper at our server. Our project depends on interesting contributions like yours. The more and the more diverse the papers are, the better.

Unfortunately, we have to impose a few rules. Sorry, but we can't do it without. But at least we don't hide the terms of use in any fine print....

  1. The texts have to be either correct HTML or PDF and must be indexed properly. You may use CSS.
  2. A comprehensive bibligraphy should be self-understood. Please make URLs to working links.
  3. Every author's paper(s) will be stored in a separate folder which must have an "index.htm" file.
  4. There must be a link back to this index page and to on every html page.
  5. Every document must clearly identify the author and copyright holder, quoting: full name(s), year, contact information (peferably e-mail).
  6. The autor(s) is/are solely responsible for the contents of their papers and copyright remains completely theirs. n.
  7. You may use what ever orthography you want.
  8. Only in "emergencies" will I help converting text files to HTML. But if you have me do that – don't complain afterwards!
  9. Upload and upgrading of pages are generally done via my email. If you are contributing on a regular basis, I will install an upload interface for you.


Still interested? Great. The let's see what you get from in return:

  1. Free publication of your paper on our server (space permitting)
  2. Submission of index page to several web indexes and search engines.
  3. Support with HTML and uploading.


Sounds good?
Then just mail me a brief abstract of your paper to, preferably just a plain text abstract in the message body. Please don't mail me large file attachments without asking me first! I will not open .pps or .doc attachments (and don't even think of .exe or something of the like!)


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